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ToxLogic is a fully-accredited drug and alcohol testing service, providing random, pre-employment, monitoring, and for-cause testing programs in the workplace. Our highly-trained team of sample collectors, lab technicians and drug and alcohol policy experts helps you get on with the job, while ensuring the health, safety and productivity of your staff.

The company has a full scope of accreditation including for urine testing to AS/NZS 4308:2008 (Section 2 and Appendix A) and for oral fluid testing to AS 4760:2006 (Section 2). Our accreditation details can be viewed on the NATA website by clicking here.

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We help you get on with the job while keeping workers safe.


hair drug testing  On-site, random, pre-employment and investigative testing

ToxLogic provides on-site, random, pre-employment and investigative drug and alcohol testing services nationwide. Our head office is in Melbourne and we operate a regional collection centre in Morwell. ToxLogic staff will travel to interstate testing sessions or, interstate contractors using ToxLogic equipment and procedures can be used if this is a client’s preferred option.

Our clients report safer, more productive workplaces and happier, healthier workers thanks to our testing and training programs. From deterrence to rehabilitation, our programs are the logical choice for workplaces committed to the long-term productivity, safety and employability of their staff.

hair drug testing    Experts in hair-follicle, urine and oral fluid testing

As well as being experts in oral fluid and urine testing, ToxLogic also provides cutting-edge hair follicle testing, which helps managers, recruiters and staff establish long-term drug-use or abstinence.

While drug and alcohol testing using hair is still relatively new, there has been growing demand for it in recent years, with ToxLogic becoming a major provider of the service. Hair testing is a useful investigative tool to establish longer-term or previous drug use/abstinence in cases of high-risk and critical appointments or suspected drug abuse. It can also be used for long-term monitoring as part of rehabilitation programs, or for evidence in court.

hair drug testing  Convenience and discretion

The company is recognised for its respectful approach to privacy, with staff highly-trained in Chain of Custody collections. Having worked with a variety of organisations over many years, ToxLogic understands the importance of causing minimal intrusion to workers while working together with staff to reduce the risks of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

hair drug testing  Tailored to you

We can tailor our drug and alcohol testing services to the unique healthy and safety needs of your workplace. Our programs include:

  •  long-term, targeted testing of suspected or recovering individuals,
  • random drug and alcohol testing (which is a major deterrent against drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace),
  • post-incident call-out and
  • pre-employment testing for high-risk or critical appointments.

Our on-site collection services testing in breath, saliva, urine and hair are available now to help you protect your workers, promote wellbeing and productivity, and make confident employment choices. To ensure you achieve long-term outcomes, we can work with you and your staff in consultative training sessions to develop your drug and alcohol policy and embed it in the workplace.

If you have any questions or wish to arrange testing and/or training call us today on 0393721348



  • NATA Accreditation

    nata ToxLogic Pty Ltd, trading as JK ProCare Systems, is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for Workplace Drug and Alcohol testing. We are accredited for urine testing to AS/NZS 4308:2008 (Section 2 and Appendix A) and for oral fluid testing to AS 4760:2006 (Section 2). Our full scope of accreditation can be viewed on the NATA website by clicking here.
  • Australian Quality Training Framework

    Our sample collectors are required to successfully complete a recognised training course in Chain of Custody sample collection and transport. Each collector must receive a statement of attainment for the course in accordance with The Australian Quality Training Framework.


  • Company History

    Occupational Toxicology Services was established in 2001 as a consultancy service for clients and laboratories wanting to conduct urine Drug & Alcohol testing in accordance with AS/NZS 4308:2001. Occupational Toxicology Services worked closely with J & K Nominees, one of the first workplace Drug & Alcohol testing companies in Australia. JK ProCare Systems was established in 2005 as the Victorian collection agency of J & K Nominees.

    ToxLogic Pty Ltd was established in 2013, encompassing the work of Occupational Toxicology Services Pty Ltd while retaining JK ProCare Systems as a trading name.